The concept of mail order brides has been on trend for many months. It allows men to view and choose their dream girl easily. However, many tend to be stuck on the option of Asian VS Slavic mail order brides.

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Asian and Slavic are both known to be beautiful in their ways. However, they both are the complete opposite of each other. There are many online dating site for Asian VS Slavic. But they don’t all tell you about their likes and dislikes. Let’s take a look at both Asian and Slavic and decide which one is the best for you.

Asian VS Slavic Girl for Dating

To understand both of them, let’s start with the basics. Asian women are generally known to be calm and open-minded. You will find that even the uneducated Asian girls are more sensible when compared to Slavic women who are educated. However, Asian women aren’t as interesting as Slavic Women are.

Sure, if you are willing to settle down with someone calm, respects you, and never discuss your personal life with her friends, then I highly recommend you go with Asian Women. However, if you are a guy who wants to get a bride the hard way, then Russian women are your best option.

If this wasn’t enough to help you decide on an online bride between Asian VS Slavic, then let’s take a look further.

Slavic women are generally known for their selective nature. These girls have a long list of rejected men. They don’t want someone ugly looking or someone who takes exceptional care of the way he looks. Their definition of an ideal man lies in the fact that a man should be the way he should. He should be macho.

Asian women aren’t choosy. They tend to choose a man who is respectful and is a man with a plan. Asian women always work to keep their relationships intact, which explains the low divorce rate in Asian regions. Moreover, these women don’t mind if they have a lot of kids. It’s believed that their kind nature is due to their belief in god.

How much for an Asian VS Slavic mail order bride

Asian women have been known to maintain relationships, and many American men tend to prefer Asian women as compared to Slavic Women. For this reason, Asian women are expensive as mail order brides.

As Slavic women tend to reject, they are considered to be a lot less expensive.

On an average, the cost of mail order bride costs $1000 to $15,000. But it all depends on which ethnicity you choose and other factors.


If you are a talkative individual with more preference towards looks, then I would advise you to pursue Asian Women rather than Slavic Women. However, if you are an individual who wants to add spice to their lives, then Slavic women are perfect for you.

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Both the ethnicities are perfect and desired for their reasons and their traits. Hence, choose one where you fit perfectly.