According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), in the US and Canada alone, there are about 100,000 international marriages in a year (between Western men and international women). According to USCIS, 10% of those marriages happen because of the active influence of online or offline marriage agencies, providing matchmaking services. In about 40% of cases, Western men married to Filipinas, and in about 15% of cases – to Slavic women (which make them second-popular marriage option).

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Who are they – Slavic women? And why are they so appealing to Western men? Let’s consider.

Features of Slavic women, which make them so appealing to Westerners

  • They are inventive in bed. False modesty away – for most men looking for an international bride, this is a number one issue. Apparel, toys, lubricants, and games – all will find approval in the heart of a Slavic woman. They are naturally wild in this issue and will not hide behind something like “I’m not a sex machine to you!” like Western girls often do.
  • A family is important for her. Having 1-3 children is what every Slavic woman dreams about. A nice house, a red car, and a caring husband, who is ready to show his love and affection, are a must for her. Just to be happy because her family is happy – that’s what she is striving to.
  • She is not trying to top you off and nail you down. No feminism, matriarchalism and other ‘-isms’ have infected her blood, unlike women of the West. She will not make a milksop out of you, nor will bring you down in front of your colleagues or friends, and will not try to take a dominant position in a family. She respects the millennia-old patriarchal look at a family and relations between a man and a woman. So she is marrying you not to blame you every minute that you are a carrier of balls but to fill your life with happiness, cleanliness in your mutual house, smart and unspoiled children, and delightful food on your plate so you both be happy.
  • They wanna go to the US, Canada or the EU not for your money or comfort of a big house you’re having but to find a loving husband who grew up in a different environment deprived of hatred, intolerance, and poorness of mental and economical aspects.Do Slavic women like American men? Hey, why wouldn’t they? They strive here to love and be loved, to support and be supported, to live safely and not counting bread crumbs from salary to salary thinking only about survival. As a rule, a girl cannot have these in a Slavic country.

Pros and cons of wooing and marrying a Slavic woman

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Slavic women for marriagehave significant pros:

  • They cook absolutely delicious cuisine. Definitely, it varies amongst the Slavic countries but it only gets better from country to country, so it’s impossible to choose a winner. Yeah, not all girls cook like a Michelin chef but it’s not even needed so – Slavic cuisine is not sophisticated, it’s effective and satiating. About 80% of all Slavic women are ready to cook on a daily basis so your belly grow bigger 😉
  • While they make breathtakingly delicious stuff, they are still ready to die for going to a restaurant or a cafe. From all cuisines of the world, they prefer the Italian and Mediterranean. So get ready to dine in such places on important occasions in your life like Bday, Xmas or acquiring a new hamster instead of a dead one for your kids. Why is this pro? Because it is another cause for a Slavic girl to look gorgeous.
  • Yes,Slavic womanlook gorgeous all the time. Well, maybe but only the period between waking up and going to a shower. If a western girl would get tired in two weeks of constant makeup and getting dressed well just for the sake of having a pretty look, Slavic women do it all their lives, nearly from cradle to the grave. They always want to shine – even if there are no spectators around, like when they throw away the garbage.

And here are some cons ofSlavic beauties:

  • An offer to split the bill in the restaurant or cafe is taken by Slavic women as an insult. They believe that men always and without ifs should pay the bill. Even if a Slavic woman works, too, and has money.
  • Carrying bags. After she shops and eventually has 6 bags of obtainments, she will only carry anything left aside from your hands if there’re any. Prepare to carry belongings yourself, as it is considered impolite in Slavic countries to make a woman carry anything heavier than her purse unless she doesn’t have a suitor or husband.
  • Showering her with attention. A few nice compliments a day would be enough for a reasonable Western girl, while in the case with Slavic women, they have to receive two tonnes of attention and chivalry a day (at least during the stage of wooing). Without those, her heart is closed to you.
  • Flowers are loved bySlavic bridesbut don’t you dare to buy even numbers – they are destined only for funerals. Buying odds will fascinate her even if it’s only one. Consider doing it at least on every date with her when wooing. After the marriage, once per 1-2 weeks, flowers will still be expected.


Sure, it’s impossible to say for all Slavic women but, collectively,Slavic mail order bridesare very warm-hearted and cheered. If you won’t give them reasons to cry and be sad, they can be the best wives you could only dream about.

But where to meet them? We recommend using online dating sites with reliable names – they will save you a ton of nerves and time in your searches.

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