How often have you heard people advising you not to date a Russian or a Slavic woman? I bet too many times. But are you aware why they advise you not to? Slavic women generally have a list that is very long when it comes to finding their ideal man. A man that is honest, kind, can lookout after himself, not jealous, loyal, and the list seriously goes on. This article will talk on what Slavic girls prefer and then you can decide if you fit in somewhere.

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The Qualities that Slavic Girls look for

Not too ugly

Sorry, but if you think you are, you have zero chances with a Slavic woman.

Men who generally spend too much time looking after themselves and appearances tend to be a turnoff for many Slavic girls as well. So what do you do? You are a man. This doesn’t mean that you become a gym freak or anything. Just be you. Slavic women have said to be interested in a macho man but also a person who takes care of his grooming.

Opens the door

Feminism in Russia didn’t develop too much. Slavic women have said to like when a man does what he is supposed to do. A man is preferred when he opens and holds the door or helps put on or take off the coat of a woman. Many Slavic women have said that they don’t want equality but want respect and a man that does all that for them.

Admiration no matter what

Many believe that Slavic women want to be admired by the man no matter what. However, that’s not true at all. Slavic women prefer a man that admires the relationship and the future that they hold. They don’t necessarily want you to admire her no matter what. All they ask for is respect and loyalty for their future and the relationship that they hold.

He has got to have a future

This doesn’t mean that you have thousands of dollars in your bank account. Slavic women have said that they prefer a man who knows his worth and knows how to earn money and spend it wisely.

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If you see it from another point of view, spending money wisely is always considered a good trait, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Slavic Women will prefer you more if you have a plan and a future goal that you want to achieve.

No talks, just action

Are you talkative? Well, NEXT! Slavic women don’t prefer a man that talks all the time. Sure she will give you just enough time to open up and be comfortable around her. But if you are all talks and no action, then you will be included in the long list of rejected men. The more you talk, the less serious you are considered to be. SO you will want to make sure that you talk less but do more with the time you have in hands.


The answer to the question “why do Slavic Women want to marry foreigners” isn’t simple. However, now that you know what Slavic women like and don’t like, you can either change yourself or have to find a girl of another ethnicity. Slavic girls are near to impossible to impress, but if you did, then you’re one of the few who have.